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Foundations Therapy Group

Laying the groundwork for lasting emotional health

At Foundations Therapy Group we strive to create a comfortable and safe space to explore your hopes and goals with empathy and compassion. 

We are a small group of licensed therapists with extensive training and experience to help you and your family on your journey toward growth, change, and understanding. With over 40 years of combined experience, our therapists offer personalized support for a variety of life’s challenges. This includes depression, anxiety, trauma, life stressors and transitions, pregnancy and postpartum, and parenting needs. 

Foundations Therapy Group is a unique practice servicing the Metro-Detroit community built on specialized training to support women, children, and families through the many phases of life. From pregnancy and postpartum, to children that may be experiencing behavioral challenges at home or school, to difficulties with family dynamics and parenting needs. Let our qualified therapists join you in laying the groundwork for a strong foundation of connection.

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Our therapists have training in a variety of evidence-based models and therapeutic techniques to support parent-child attachment, address trauma, and assist children to develop tools to overcome behavioral and developmental challenges.


Therapy Group


873 N. Mill St.
Plymouth MI 48170

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